French mansion Chateau Louis XIV becomes world’s most expensive home after selling for £200m


Chateau Louis XIV, a mansion outside of Paris named after the 17th century French king, has broken the record for the world’s most expensive home after it reportedly sold for more than €275  million (£200 million).

The chateau is nestled in a 23 hectare forested park between Versailles and Marly-Le-Roi.

Accoridng to Bloomberg was sold to a Middle Eastern buyer who wished to remain anonymous.

The house includes two master suites, a grand reception room with a trompe l’oeil ceiling, two custom-made artisanal kitchens, an entire floor for recreational activities, as well a wine cellar, a cinema, in decadent surroundings that echo the opulence of Versaille.

It also features the only underground aquarium in Europe.

The gardens have been designed in homage to Le Notre – the royal gardener under Louis XIV – and feature a gold leaf fountain.

Cogemad the luxury developer behind the project, said it took three years to build the mansion using 17th century techniques and materials alongside specialist 21st century craftsmen, including sculptors, mosaic artists and coppersmiths – a work force of 200 from Living Heritage companies.

“The finished residence respects the heritage aesthetics and spirit of a region and a country, while celebrating the true essence of modern luxury living,” Cogemad said. More

By Zlata Rodionova