Makkah hotels in Saudi Arabia fully booked for last 10 days of Ramadan

Hotels in Makkah are fully booked for the last 10 days for Ramadan, according to Saudi national media reports.

Makkah Hotels

95% of the rooms in the Holy City have been booked out with advance payment, according to a Saudi Gazette report.

A search also revealed that rooms at five-star hotel range anywhere between AED2,000 (US $544)and AED18,000 ($4,900).

Zawya reports that there are 947 furnished apartments and hotels in Makkah with 162,493 rooms to accommodate pilgrims and visitors.

The Middle East hotel room construction is up by 36.3% compared to the same period in April 2017. While in Saudi Arabia, Makkah is in the lead and is adding 25,619 which is 71.4% of the existing supply. Riyadh has 6,244 rooms in construction and Jeddah is adding 3,952 rooms to its existing supply.

We have reached out to Makkah hotels for a comment