Discover the collection of rare handcrafted timepieces presented at the occasion of Baselworld.

As the guardian of ancestral Genevan traditions, Patek Philippe is dedicated to the preservation of artisanal skills that have been directly associated with horology for more than four centuries. This commitment has perpetuated in the creation of exceptional creations – pocket watches, wristwatches, or table clocks, keeping

Rare handcrafts at Patek Philippe

The specialist artistic techniques used to decorate timepieces have a long and glorious history at Patek Philippe. Here we learn about the company’s artisans, their skills, and the Stern family’s unique commitment to rare handcrafts past, present and future.

The Contemporary Collection

Each year Patek Philippe produces around 40 one-of-a-kind works of rare handcraftsmanship that don’t appear in the stores or the current collections catalog. The regular collection is also enriched annually with new models decorated by artisans at the top of their game.


A selection of unique wristwatch models, showcasing exceptional artisanship on a miniature scale.

Haute Joaillerie

The fine art of gem-setting brings these highly decorative pieces to life.
The generous proportions of a dome clock make it the perfect canvas for artisanal skills.
Still much desired by collectors, pocket watches showcase a wide range of rare handcrafts.

The Patek Philippe Salons

Patek Philippe owns three Salons in Geneva, Paris and London. All of them are located in prestigious and historical local areas


Patek Philippe Salons London

Patek Philippe Salons London

Patek Philippe Salons
16 New Bond Street,
London W1S 3SU, United Kingdom

Tel. 0044 207 493 88 66


Opening hours :
Monday to Saturday : 10:00 – 18:00
Except on Tuesday 11th and Tuesday 25th April: 10:00 to 17:00

Bank holidays:
Friday 14th April
Monday 17th April
Monday 1st May
Monday 29th May
Monday 28 August
Monday 25th December
Tuesday 26th December
Monday 1st January 2018
Tuesday 2nd January 2018

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