Elites will have no need to wait until their destination to discuss pressing matters, at least not when they’re in the back seat of Rolls-Royce’s Phantom.

On Friday, the British ultra-luxury marque debuted its new “privacy suite” for the extended-wheelbase Phantom at the Chengdu auto show currently on in China. The rear cockpit features Electrochromatic Glass, a technology that separates the front and rear cabins with the touch of a button.

The rear-seat passenger has the choice to either look out ahead into the driver’s area or turn the glass completely opaque, which offers total seclusion from the front cabin and the outside world. Curtains and rear privacy glass deflect outside eyes peering inward.

In addition to privacy from the outside world and the front cockpit, Rolls-Royce has taken care to ensure conversations stay out of earshot. Thus, the rear compartment features “frequency-specific compound” to keep conversations from traveling to the front cabin. During private moments, the rear seat passenger can summon the driver via an intercom system.

On the flip side, the driver can also contact the rear passenger(s) with a call function, but it remains at the passenger’s discretion to answer or reject the communication. In the case of secure documents, the Rolls-Royce Phantom’s privacy suite also includes an aperture to pass documents between the front and rear cabins; the company said “discreet illumination” ensures either party is satisfied with the item before passing it through completely.

Again, the rear passengers have full control of the aperture, like the intercom. The privacy suite has multimedia covered, too. Two 12-inch monitors are coupled to the car’s software and feature HDMI ports to sync personal devices and few sensitive information discreetly in the cabin.

Molding technology, privacy, and luxury is Rolls-Royce’s starlight headliner and bespoke clock sitting atop the front privacy glass. The features included with the privacy suite will only be offered with the Phantom extended-wheelbase sedan, which should prove popular in chauffeur-rich China.


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