A magnificent property in Medveja

The property consists of two separate objects, Villa Castello (main object) which includes the beachfront and paths along the sea and Depadansa (auxiliary object used as a guest house or for staff).


Villa Castello was built in 1916 and is in good condition. It was built in a neo-historicism style of architecture.

A property Castello is located in Medveja in municipality Lovran. Opatija, touristic centre of Bay of Kvarner is 10 km from Medveja.

The real estate property has total 10.062 square meters of land with 969 square meters of living space of which Villa Castello has 851 square meters net surface with basement, ground floor, and three floors while Depadansa has 118 square meters of a net surface with ground floor and first floor.

Paved road entrance is from the main road, sloping downwards towards the objects and a pebbled parking beside the smaller object, Depadansa.

Villa Castello is the main building located by the sea. It consists of a basement, ground floor, first floor, second floor and a viewpoint in the tower on the third floor. The villa has a total of five main bedrooms on a first and second floor, while the basement has five staff rooms.

The bottom-most floor has two entrances, one towards a beach, and another connecting to the path for the barbecue gazebo. Stone-walled entrance from the beach is open space and can be used for temporary storage of beach necessities. Being a service floor, its rooms have a shared bathroom, whilst a much larger remaining room has its own bathroom and an adjacent study room. This floor connects to the wine cellar below.

The first floor connects to the walking area between the two objects and consists of a kitchen and three saloons.

The second floor is primarily residential, connected to the entrance by a stairway and a hallway overlooking through the open space connecting two floors. Consisting of three rooms with belonging bathrooms, it also houses an apartment with a living room connecting to the study in the oval tower space.

Uppermost floor is an apartment with a bedroom connected to the living room, with a private bathroom. The bedroom has a lower roof, which transitions into full size in the living room area.

Depadandsa consists of two apartments with belonging bathrooms and a shared living room.

Southwest from the objects a well-kept meadow is located, used as an improvised heliport.

The property is located in the development area of hospitality-touristic use (T2) in zone 2c – touristic complex within existing dimensions.

*** The asking price is seven million euros. It is the price without VAT, and tax treatment will be determined depending on the tax status of the buyer.

7.000.000 €

7.200 € PRICE PER M2



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